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Control your winter appetite

Eiman Al Hammadi/ Health Promotion Researcher
23 March, 2015

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Do you have an increased appetite for high-calorie foods in winter and feel hungry quickly? You are not alone! As temperature of the weather goes low; the body temperature goes low too and the body needs food to generate heat and keep you warm. Although this is normal, our winter appetites can spin out of control and may lead to undesirable weight gain. Moreover the lack of physical activity, laziness and lethargy due to the cold weather may also increase your tendency to gain weight.

How can you avoid this?

12 Tips to Control Your Weight This winter:

  1. Never give up and always motivate yourself, because the most important success factor is psychological support.
  2. Do not leave yourself until feel hunger, because hunger can lead to eating large amounts of food with wrong choices and this will makes it difficult to control your appetite.
  3. Stay away from saturated fats and added sugars, because saturated fat and added sugar increasing the weight a lot.
  4. Expose to sunlight on a regular basis. This is because it makes the body feel warm, so the desire to eat will be reduced. Also, drink hot beverages as a way to get warm.
  5. Get enough sleep at night, since sleep deprivation affect the hormones that control the appetite.
  6. Keep exercising, since the exercising raise the serotonin hormone, which contributes to regulate the appetite.
  7. Take a glass of water before your meal gives a feel of fullness and helps keep your body hydrated, leading to balance the metabolism and reduces the amount of food intake and therefore gain fewer calories.
  8. Eat more of fiber-rich foods such as whole grains, fruits like oranges, kiwis, and vegetables. It helps to control hunger and has a few calories. Also, it gives the body needs from vitamins and minerals daily.
  9. Eat proteins such as meat, dairy products, poultry and fish at every meal, because it controls the appetite.
  10. Use spices like cinnamon, Ginger, saffron and pepper. It suppresses the appetite so it will control your weight in the winter.
  11. Try to put your hunger under control by eating balanced snacks every 2-3 hours throughout the day.
  12. Eat slowly, as eating fast makes you prone to overeating. Try to take about 20 minutes at least to finish your meal.


Finally, be aware that sleep is inevitable so get enough sleep, and the food is indispensable so eat it moderately and intelligently, and no ability without movement so exercise as much as you can to have a good health. And hug your father or mother, your sister or brother, or your grandfather or grandmother or even your cat, and remember that the warmth of feelings equivalent to warmth of food and could be even better. 




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