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Exercise During Pregnancy

Aspire Active team/ 20 April, 2014

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Until the 1980’s the misconception that  exercise during pregnancy triggered fetal distress, preterm labor,  growth retardation and miscarriages dominated.  Scientific evidence has proven the contrary.  Exercise is beneficial for mothers and the  fetus.  Furthermore, in the 1990’s, studies concluded prescribing exercise during pregnancy as being safe for healthy women with normal pregnancies.

It is key to highlight the benefits of preparing yourself as best as possible before pregnancy with the incorporation a daily / weekly exercise activity routine and focusing on healthy nutrition choices.  These recommendations also provide positive benefits once you have delivered. .  If you have not been able to follow the aforementioned guidelines, do not stress!  You can  start exercising at any time during your  pregnancy once cleared by your primary care doctor.  If you have been leading a predominantly inactive lifestyle before your pregnancy it is however recommended to start in your second  trimester.

Many of us ladies  do not think about  the “physical challenges” we  will face after delivery.. For example being fit boosts energy levels to help you keep up with your precious little one, prevents back and neck pain whilst breastfeeding,  and maintains strong pelvic muscles.  .  There have been further  studies indicating fit mothers can lower infant obesity levels in their children.  Think of the positive effect this will have on your family life and the long term impact on society health and wellbeing.

It is generally recommended exercise prescription  be personalized and performed  under supervision of an exercise professional.  The overarching guidelines recommend  pregnant women ideally  exercise  5 days a week.  These 45 minute sessions should  combine cardiovascular , strength, stretching, spatial awareness , and Kegel (pelvic floor) exercises  at a moderate intensity.  It is key  to highlight your  pregnancy is not a time to diet or  increase fitness levels, it is the  time to focus on improved wellbeing and healthy choices..

Per trimester it is important to pay special attention to the following.  Temperature control is key during the 1st trimester and on-going during your pregnancy.  Stay hydrated ,  use breathable clothing and avoid hot  humid weather. In the  2nd trimester laying on your  back and standing still  for long periods is to be avoided.  Last but not least, in  the 3rd trimester it is  important to avoid any risk of falling due to impaired   balanced and  trauma to the abdomen..  All pregnant ladies provided with the “green light” to exercise by their doctor  can walk and swim without restriction, however scuba diving is a definite “NO NO!” throughout.

We encourage all you pregnant ladies in Qatar to join our ASPIRE ACTIVE Pre Natal Classes today.  Our team of exercise and lifestyle experts will help you prepare your body and mind for the challenges ahead.  Our classes have been carefully designed to allow safe and comfortable exercise throughout pregnancy.  Visit our website at www.aspire.qa for more information, click at ASPIRE ACTIVE tab.  For a close look in our facilities and to talk directly with our staff, you can join us at the Ladies Club for a tour, Tuesdays at 10am & 5:30pm (tour timings are subject to change, please visit our website for regular updates).




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