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How to Eat to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

Aihab Jaouir/ Type 2 diabetes Expert, Peck Nutrition
10 November, 2015

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To know how to eat to prevent diabetes you must know what it is.  Diabetes is a metabolic disorder, where you find high levels of glucose in the blood.  This is a result from a problem with a hormone called ‘insulin’ which keeps glucose levels controlled in the blood. There is a problem with insulin release or insulin action or both. 


Type 2 diabetes is most likely to be diagnosed in middle age or in elderly people.  There is a strong genetic link such as family history but your risk is also linked to how healthy your lifestyle is.  Lifestyle has a very powerful effect on how your body functions.


Can type 2 diabetes be prevented?  I say yes!  The reason is that the most common cause of developing type 2 diabetes is obesity.  Obesity is a very preventable problem.  High body fat levels cause insulin resistance, this means the insulin cannot communicate with the body cells and control the glucose or ‘sugar’ levels in the blood very well.  There is also more fat accumulated around the pancreas that will reduce its ability to produce insulin. 


Several studies support the belief that changing your lifestyle is stronger than genetic factors.  This means that if we live a healthy lifestyle the likely chance of preventing type 2 diabetes is high.  Just because you have a family history of type 2 diabetes or obesity doesn’t mean you are a victim to your genetics.  You can live a healthy lifestyle and decrease the likelihood of following in your families footsteps. 


What does a healthy lifestyle mean?


It means you need to eat a good amount of fruit and vegetables and avoid junk food or in other words, foods that are highly processed and low in nutrition!  You enjoy foods that are rich in good fats (mono and polyunsaturated fats) and eat less saturated fat, salt and sugar. Enjoy regular exercise and always read nutrition labels.


Being able to prevent type 2 diabetes is a fact for me; I helped a client achieve a state of remission by improving his nutrition and gradually adding some exercise.   His efforts were rewarded by achieving a state of remission.


Diabetes prevention tips:

#1:  Choose wholemeal or wholegrain bread to replace white bread at breakfast

#2:  If you go to a restaurant, choose a main dish that is not fried in excess oil or deep fried

#3:  Keep a record of your blood glucose levels before meals and 2 hours after

#4:  Use olive oil instead of beef dripping, or lard

#5:  Have a portion of fruit (80g) instead of fruit juice to reduce your sugar intake



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