Human Brain ... Facts Beyond Fallacies

Mohamed Elrayess/ Senior Researcher
Anti-Doping Lab Qatar (ADLQ)
03 April, 2016

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If we look around, we will see miracles in everything, including the smallest creatures and the whole infinite universe. However, human brain remains one of the greatest miraculous creations. We have often heard about the usage of small part of brain potential ability (10% or less) by the human being and how the genius human beings, such as Einstein and others, could use a more little percentage (20%) ─ which was the source of their genius. In fact, these are mere fallacies invented by the human overactive imagination and dreams of being genius using medicines, treatment or other ways for stimulating the brain. The fact is that we use all areas of our brain but some persons become better than others by training and adaptation. The brain may be able to develop senses because there are many creatures which have senses not owned by human beings, such as seeing colors or hearing frequencies that human beings cannot hear. However, the development of human senses will remain a fallacy until it is scientifically proven.

Memory is one of the most perplexing things in the brain. It stores information since the first moments of life and remains operating till the death. However, most memories quickly fade away after storage within a few minutes or hours depending on their importance and may remain throughout the life if they reflect a turning point in life, such as the birth of children. At least this is what I have believed until I have attended a lecture by the French scientist Alim-Louis Benabid, the winner of Laskar Medical Award 2014 and the candidate for Nobel Prize in Medicine for the discovery of a treatment by deep stimulation of brain, which was something of interest to the whole world.

The device invented by Dr. Alim looks like the heart pacemaker that is placed inside
the heart to regulate beats. However, Dr. Alim's device is placed inside the brain and sends waves with different frequencies to regulate the function of nerves and reduce their hyperactivity as the case with Parkinson's disease and other neurological diseases which cause the involuntary movements of limbs. It is a truly great discovery that gave hope to the hundreds of thousands of patients who lost control over their lives. The device has been proved effective so far with those who have almost restored their normal life.

The most amazing part for me was the device's ability to push the patient to remember details which he did not think they are still stored in the brain. This is because they were not important, such as the scenes of wedding attended by the patient more than 25 years ago, including some details such as the color of curtains, the types of food and other accurate information one may see without attention. This means the human brain picks up and stores everything in some way for tens of years and that there is an approach for restoration if we stimulate specific areas of the brain! This looks like hypnosis which drills deep into the human memory to extract accurate details hidden among the convolutions and depths of brain. Whether such deep stimulation is by the device or by the release of human being from the constraints of mind, it is still closer to science fiction. However, the convolutions of human brain carry miraculous facts beyond all forms of imagination. To understand these facts, the demarcation between fallacies and facts will remain a few steps to be walked by science. 



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