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Abdulla Al Buflasa / Sr. Health Promotion Officer
28 June, 2016

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Many people think it is hard to be physically active with a disability, however there are a lot of options depending on the individual’s situation. In this article we will give you one option for blind people and how they can be more active and healthy.

What is GoalBall?

GoalBall is a Paralympic sport for blind and people with low vision. It’s a match of two halves, each half is 12 minutes in duration with players wearing blackout masks during the game.

How and where to play it?

Goalball teams contain 6 players, 3 players in the playing courts, defending and attacking the ball by rolling it on the floor to score a goal.  

The ball has bells inside in order for the player to follow the ball through hearing its whereabouts.

The playing court is 18 meters in length and 9 meters in width. The players are not allowed to enter into the other teams area. Also the playing court has thick lines so the players can feel where they are standing.

The goal is 1.5 meters in height and 9 meters in width and it is covered by a thick and soft material for the player’s safety.

Each team can roll the ball from the first 6 meters in their area and defend the goal in the first 3 meters and if the team doesn’t follow this rule a penalty will be rewarded to the other team. In the case of a penalty only one player will be allowed to defend the 9 meter goal as opposed to the usual 3 defending players.

In conclusion:

This type of sport can help the blind and people with low vision to be more physically active and release stress as well as facilitate the many benefits of being active.

If you are interested to watch and learn more details about this game, please visit the Paralympic Federation in Qatar.



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