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Success Story of a Gold Winner

Safiya AlMutawa/ Health Promotion Researcher
02 August, 2016

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أنقر هنا لقراءة باللغة ألعربية

“What happened to me did not make me disable but rather differently able”


Abdulrahman Alyafei is a special needs person since 2004 after a car accident. Before this unfortunate accident Abdulrahman used to go to the gym. Upon his healing he enrolled in the special needs federation and continued with his studies in CNAQ (North Atlantic Qatar). Abdulrahman has managed to graduate from the university and he is currently holding more than 14 medals of different categories (gold, silver and bronze) in different activities from different places (Qatar, Tunisia, UAE and others) the sports he is involved in include (Shot Put, Javelin & Table-Tennis). Abdulrahman is working now at ASPETAR Hospital as a Senior Financial Accountant. “Namat Magazine” met with him and conducted the following interview:

Would you mind explaining to us the need of exercising and being more physically active for a “differently able persons” view?

Exercising is important for everyone to stay healthy and it has becoming more important to me because of my situations.  As a “differently able person”, there are physiological and psychological needs that encouraged me to exercise and to prove to the societies that a person like me is equally capable as a normal individual. I took a step further to challenge myself to be more active than before and engage in additional sport activities. Over the years, I have proven to my family and societies that with my disability condition, I have reached far beyond where I was as a normal person.

I want to prove to that a person like me is able to achieve their goals and desires without barriers as long as they have the motivation and spirit. Physically, due to my limitation, I had to exercise twice more than a normal person to stay fit & competitive. For example, I use my hand to do all activities that previously my legs did. 

Can you kindly explain how this desire grew over time?

I have met someone who was also “differently able”; I have seen him succeeding in his own life, having a job and driving his own car. I have chosen this person as a role model as I was thinking “if he can do it, so can I”. Today as I stand, I have achieved more than those desires. Today I drive my own car, I have a decent job in a highly reputable place, I got married with children, I managed to continue my studies and I am an active member of the Qatar Paralympic Committee and other sports federations. Above all I have won many medals. Of course I am facing many difficulties at a personal and sports practicing level. However; I am always smiling and optimistic with a positive spirit.

I am always smiling and optimistic with a positive spirit


 What would you like to share with other?

A word that I would like to share with others is, try to put big targets to achieve and for these particular targets put smaller ones. The smaller targets should lead you towards your bigger ones. Work hard and try your best to achieve the small ones and eventually you will be able to reach your ultimate goal.

There are a lot of challenges that need to be overcome; physically or physiologically or even psychologically, if you don’t have the passion, willingness, patience and confidence you won’t be able to achieve your desired goals and overcome the challenges. More importantly you have to believe in God. Believing in Him has giving me the faith and strength in achieving what I always wanted.

Never give up and learn from the difficulties, even if you fall, stand and learn to change your setbacks into achievements. I changed my own perception on how I believed people looked at me hanging out all alone to the bigger positive impact that people are looking at me as an important, popular figure that they would love to approach and send some greetings.

To conclude, do you think sports and exercise is important?

After the accident I started exercising since 2005 up to 2011. I stopped exercising for two to three years due to my busy life after marriage and while working. However, I started noticing some negative health impacts; my fitness level dropped and I started feeling heavy. However, it all stopped when I decided to go back to exercise. I believe that sport should be part of anyone’s life.




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