Physiotherapy Tips for Elderly

Nada Boubaker Ben Amer/ Physiotherapist
Qatar Foundation for Elderly people Care - Ihsan
10 January, 2017

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  • Several studies suggest that psychological stress and tension affect the capabilities of the brain and reduce its efficiency. Due to aging, the cells in the brain shrink, leading to many neurological problems, such as forgetfulness, lack of concentration and difficulty in decision-making, in addition to behavioral changes such as excessive nervousness, introversion and trouble making. {Three quick solutions; reading, sports and drinking water}
  • Physical fitness and mental fitness are two sides of the same coin, as people who exercise regularly do not suffer from a decline in their mental abilities when they reach the seventies and eighties. {Stay fit}
  • Increasing daily activity by pushing the shopping cart at the grocery store or using stairs instead of the elevator are good ways to keep active. {No for a sedentary life, yes for activity}
  • Maintaining physical activity on a daily basis is very important to activate the memory, as it is the key to maintain perception. {Be active}
  • Some of the reasons leading to slips and falls tend to be vision problems, weakness in the leg muscles and balance problems. {Follow up with your physician}
  • To protect the elderly from falling inside the house, God forbid, ensure there is good lighting, wear anti-slip shoes and fix the edges of rugs by wide tape. {Prevention is better than cure}
  • Avoid carrying heavy stuff, quick and sudden movements, bending your back and turning around at the same time. {Protect your back}
  • If you sleep on your back, place a pillow under your knees, and if you sleep on your side, place a pillow between your knees. {Sleep comfortably}
  • The benefits of physical activity is inversely proportional to the risk of heart disease. The more you are active and moving, the less you are at risk. {Your health is in activity }
  • Walking helps can help to create enough resistance, increase bone density and stimulate memory. {Keep moving}
  • Walking in the water is an excellent exercise for older people, especially if they suffer from friction in the knees. {Water decrease the load over knees by 75%}
  • Diversify your exercise so that you don't get bored by repeating the same exercises for a long time. {Seek the help of those who can help you}
  • Sit on a chair that supports your back and arms, so that the weight of your arms is not on the cervical vertebrae, because overloading on the cervical vertebrae can cause cervical spondylosis. {Avoid suffering}
  • It is not preferred to use neck collar or a back belt for a long time to avoid muscle weakness and stiffness in the joints of vertebrae. {Educate yourself}
  • Shrinking of small muscles located between the ribs in the rib cage results in pain while taking a deep breath or while lifting your arm and cause difficulty in breathing. {Keep stretching and extension exercises}
  • Avoid using electric compresses on areas with numbness or tingling in order to avoid burns. {Your safety is important to us}
  • Maintaining a healthy weight helps you to avoid a lot of pain and problems in joints, muscles and bones. {Save your health}
  • If you have a defect in balance, perform exercises which strengthen the muscles responsible for balance to reduce the risk of falling. {God bless you}
  • Avoid the use of warm compresses directly after injury, especially when there is swelling, and use cold compresses. {Be your own doctor}
  • Use a chair with an adjustable back, head and feet rest when you watch TV or read newspapers and magazines. {Enjoy and rest}
  • Ask for help when carrying heavy items that require much effort. {Take care of yourself}
  • Inactivity and lack of exercise leads to muscle weakness and increases the risk of obesity and stroke. {God bless you}
  • Maintain a healthy weight, keep your back straight, stay fit, stay active, educate yourself and keep your relation with God and you will live in health and peace.



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