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Physical Activity - The Health Vital Sign

Dr Ahmed Alhamdani/ Aspetar 31 January, 2017

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Physical Activity, What is It?

Physical Activity is any physical body activity that makes us breath harder and our heart beat faster. Physical activity is a great tool to assist health, thus health care providers should ask about your physical activity level. Physical activity  is recommended as essential part to measure of human beings health.

Physical Activity, Why is Important?

It is approved to be the most effective way to make us live healthier. It protects our body from getting many major diseases like: Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, Cardiac diseases, Sudden death, Depression or Breast and Colon Cancers.

Both the WHO Global Physical Recommendation on Physical Activity for Health and Qatar Physical Activity Guidelines recommend moderate or vigorous intensity exercises in order to maintain health and to prevent chronic diseases.

Why Physical Activity is Becoming Vital Sign?

Like other vital signs such as blood pressure, body pressure, body temperature, heart rate and the remaining of vital signs, physical activity is essential to assess individual general health. Each individual has to achieve the minimum requirement from physical activity to maintain a healthy body, prevent diseases and to control existing diseases.  

Physical Activity Vital Sign (PAVS): What are the Normal Values?

According to the global and local standards. The minimum recommended daily requirement of physical activity is at least 30 minutes daily as one single period or segregate this 30 minutes to 3 periods each of them is 10 minutes. For example, walking or swimming or cycling and any other physical activity or sport you prefer.

The total will be 150 minutes of physical activity distributed over 5 days weekly. According to the personal target (weight loss), the total weekly minutes requirement could be extended to 300 minutes weekly.

The physical activity vital sign would be measured using the following equation:

Minutes of daily physical activity (minutes/day) multiply by days of physical activity per week (days/week). = physical activity vital sign (PAVS- minutes/week) 



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