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Reflections of an Overweight Person

Daniela Khidir/ Physical Trainer
11 July, 2017

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Overweight or obese persons are always fighting with different perceptions regarding their physical appearance; many times this is the reason for which they are willing to lose weight, in order to look better and find sizes in their favourite clothes. Today’s society promotes, through many channels (fashion magazines, TV shows), small sized models; which for a regular person is difficult to achieve. Therefore, many ladies/young female generations are starving themselves in order to look as the magazine images.

Being overweight is associated with some health issues like diabetes, osteoarthritis, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and more. Therefore weight loss is required for improved health and the prevention of these diseases. Some persons are becoming obese due to their pleasure for eating more food/calories than their bodies could burn. We also have the cases of overweight or obese children that are encouraged by families to overeat.

What about the stress eaters? Unfortunately, they are also prone to obesity as they have the habit of “eating while thinking.”

New mothers might be in the situation where after delivery they have more kilos than before pregnancy and they cannot focus on losing it as they prefer to dedicate their time to the newborn, which is perfectly understandable.

Are you a busy employee who doesn’t have time to lose some weight and improve your health? I’m sure many of you have answered “yes” already. The list of reasons for weight gain could continue, however I’m stopping this listing here.

Are you now wondering why I made this list of obesity causes? Well, first of all, whatever reason from above is matching your case, through this listing you need to be aware that you are not alone in this situation and many of us perfectly understand the situation that you are dealing with! Yes, I am encouraging you to talk about your situation with your friends, family and even better, with your doctor. Don’t be embarrassed about sharing with your trusted ones the feelings that you have and your plans for improving this condition. The first step in treating an issue is recognising its existence.

We are now aware of the fact that we have a problem, for whatever reason. What if I will present you a magic formula that will help you to become happier, healthier, fitter? Well, first of all congratulations on deciding to take care of you! The formula is: physical activity + healthy nutrition= balance! Yes, it is this simple, and you already know it.

Some of you will tell me that you don’t like to play sports. I understand that and my question for you is: which physical activity do you enjoy watching others do on TV? Maybe football, walking, jogging, basketball, aerobics, swimming…well this might be your starting point in choosing to perform something that looks appealing to you. Try this sport and you might find yourself very happy, achieving better results with time.

You just achieved a plan for your regular physical activity. The Physical Activity Guidelines of Qatar is encouraging you, as a beginner, to perform moderate intensity exercises for at least 30 minutes more than 5 days per week. Remember, this is not a short term plan, this is now your new lifestyle which will help you to lose that bothersome weight or improve your pains, and you will prevent yourself from getting further health problems.

You just decided to have a good control of your regular physical activity and now you need to confront the food intake. In almost all the overweight or obesity cases the calories consumption is too much for the body to burn, therefore find the power in yourself and seek education to stop eating more than you need. You are the only one who could separate the moments when you are really hungry from the ones when you are eating just “to have something to do”, so please, listen your body. Identify the moments when you are not really hungry and cut the extra food from your plate, choose the healthy options and even further go to a nutritionist for personalised suggestions.

The balance is now achieved! Congratulations for deciding to have a healthier active lifestyle, I’m sure soon you will be the inspiration for others to start using the “formula”!





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  • I believe this is true! Fundamental basics ... eat less than what your body burns ... Thank you for reminding us of this magical formula!! :)

    Posted by anonymous user on July 13, 2017 05:18 AM Report abuse

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