The Healing Power of Positive Thinking

Rawa Alagha/ Communications Coordinator
Aspire Zone Foundation
21 August, 2017

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The importance of a personal touch is mounting greatly in medical care. It's no more just about medication or therapy. It's about the quality of life and how people thrive. It's the emotional and psychological support that you extend to your family members and friends when they get sick. And that's why you take flowers when you visit someone at hospital to wish them get well soon and give them hope.

From a simple wish to a thoughtful gift, positive energy comes in different shades of colors. Yet, better safe than sorry. So how can you protect yourself and your loved ones from getting sick? Physicians give healthy tips, like following a healthy diet and exercising, to help you boost your immunity. Meanwhile, #positive_vibes keep trending on social media as ingredients of a happy, healthy lifestyle. Which one is correct?

Optimism Is Cure 

Optimism is your driveway to active healthy lifestyle. Consider, for example, how different people handle stress. There are ones who release tension through sports or a simple walk in the garden and they enjoy a healthy life. There are others that indulge in emotional eating or smoking, and these habits don’t solve anything; they are actually complications of the original problem.  

Every day scholars find correlation between feeling good and boosting your immunity as they realize that good health is much more than the absence of illness. The findings of the American Psychological Association in 2012 refer to optimism as a technique that reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Similarly, the American Psychosomatic Society associated a decrease in doctor visits with happiness and life satisfaction. Your emotions are the heart beats of your health. So, how can you bring in positive energy into the veins of your life?

Positivity Is KEY

If you look up the word "positive" in the dictionary, you will find it associated with constructive behavioral indictors such as optimism, affirmation, persistence and confidence. Enjoying these qualities can have tremendous effect on your life.

Interest in developing these traits came to sort out modern dilemmas. According to the American Public Health Association, health nowadays covers both the physical and psychological aspects where positivity is the buzz word and resilience is the secret ingredient.

Resilience: The Survival Kit

Resilience is your will to jump quickly from adversity into a progressive state. So, you don't bury your head in the sand. You don't spend your life daydreaming. Rather, you adapt yourself to the context or you look for alternatives to improve the situation.

Resilience revolves around detecting inaccurate thoughts and challenging negative behaviors. It can be developed through changing your self-talk from a negative tone to a positive one. So, how can you develop this life-changing quality and quickly? The six-step reframing is one NLP technique that can make all the difference.

Six-Step Reframing: Horsepower to Positivity

Below is the easy six-step reframing or self-talk technique that can help you see things through new eyes. So, let's say you have a sweet tooth and you are so much concerned about getting diabetic. You want to get rid of this habit before it's too late. Answer the questions below to bring a positive attitude in your life.

  1. What's your problem behavior? Identify ONE specific behavior that you'd like to change. In this case: "overconsuming sweets".
  2. What's your positive intention behind this behavior? In NLP, there's always goodness in every act. So, try to figure out why you overconsume sweets. Does it give you energy to keep you running for the rest of the day, for example?
  3. If there's another way to reach this positive intention, would you be interested in doing it? Is there any healthy substitute that can refuel your energy? It may not be food. Meditation can be one way.
  4. What other options do you have to fulfill this good intention "being energized"? Brainstorm multiple options like meditation, volunteering, social life, gratitude, forgiveness, rest, healthy food and education. Make your own list, and make it as extensive as possible. Pick behavioral habits that "boost your energy".
  5. Which THREE possibilities can you try? Narrow down your options to THREE ONLY. If you end up selecting none, get back to point 4. Make new options and double-check if they can fit into your lifestyle.
  6. Are you ready to commit to these new habits right now? Double-check how this transformation influences your life and people around you. Will it work? Does it involve a sacrifice or a compromise? Make sure you calculated the pros and cons before you jump in.

After running the new changes, evaluate your commitment and improvement. If it doesn’t work, ask yourself why it’s not happening and you might need to do another self-talk until you adapt fully to your needs.

In conclusion, developing an optimistic outlook is very much like vaccination. It improves your resistance to illness. Emotionally, wearing a thick positive shield lowers your levels of depression and distress, which in turn protects you from illness. At the same time, your self-management tactics improve when you adopt a flexible attitude. Positive thinking can save your life. It's your call now: to be or not to be.







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