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Why Compound Exercises Are Important

Vitaliy Siverskyy/ Senior Officer Elite Training Camps
Aspire Logistics
28 August, 2017

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Two common dilemmas which most people face when it comes to fitness and exercise are time constraints and type of training to do. How often did you hear that a friend doesn’t have enough time to exercise or he/she doesn’t know what the best type of exercises are.

It has been proven that health and fitness benefits of compound exercises are far more supreme compared to isolation exercises. Unfortunately, vast majority of people going to the gym have very limited knowledge of human anatomy, physiology and its composition. Whether you want to build muscles and strength or promote fat loss you need to build your workouts around compound exercises.

Compound exercises involve multi-joint or multi-muscle groups working simultaneously, while in isolation exercises emphasis is placed on a single joint or muscle group. While in isolation exercises allow us to target a specific muscle group. Compound exercises are extremely effective for gaining more body muscle mass and producing high energy expenditure. More body muscles require more energy for your body to maintain, which leads to a higher metabolic rate. Regularly performing compound exercises will enable you to reach your fitness results in most time-efficient manner.

Here are some good reasons why you should perform compound exercises:

• Develop the body proportionately (without having one group of muscle bigger compare to the rest of the body)
• Time-efficiency (less time spend in the gym with maximum benefit)
• Burn more calories (more muscles used leads to more energy expenditure)
• Improve intermuscular coordination (different muscle groups forced to work together)
• Greater release of anabolic hormones (growth hormone)
• Elevated heart rate (cardiovascular training as heart needs to pump more blood to large amounts of muscle tissues)
• Improve Core Strength (engagement of core muscles while executing compound exercises)

Use full range of motion when executing compound exercises for optimal efficiency and calorie burn. Make use of free weights such as dumbbells, barbells, kettle bells and body weight rather than machines. And don’t forget, proper form is always more important than the weight you’re lifting. Compound exercises that you should consider to in-build into your workouts for great results include:

• Bench Press
• Deadlift
• Squat
• Shoulder Press
• Lunges
• Single Arm Row
• Pull Ups
• Incline Bench Press

It’s not easy to be in shape, but smart training can make it simple. Incorporate compound exercises in your routine workouts, ensuring compound exercises comprise majority (70-80%) of your training. Use remaining 20-30% for isolation exercises to add fun and variety to your workouts. Remember, you can have a minimal time consuming but intensive and effective workout by using compound exercises. In addition to using compound exercises, a healthy and balanced nutrition planned coupled with sufficient rest will significantly improve your fitness level.



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