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27 March, 2018

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~ Hocine Ourebzani’s way of life has changed completely with regards to his daily physical activity since joining the “ step into health” program ,which was launched in December 2013 by Aspire.  Hocine has been one of the most active members of the program for the past 18 months.
Hocine mentioned that when hearing about the program  he decided to join and see what the outcome  would be at a later stage after increasing his activity.  Hocine said “ lt was the first time I ever used a pedometer and this encouraged me to walk more and  it has become  a challenge to me”
He averages around 70,000 steps throughout the day.  He also elaborates “I park my car far at the furthest point in any parking area as this increases my opportunity to walk more. I also prefer movement in the working environment by using the stairs instead of the elevator.” As you can see small changes in Hocine’s daily routine has helped him increase his daily step count.

Hocine Ourebzani walks approximately two hours daily as part of his  structured walking plan. He prefers walking early morning in Aspire Zone, and in malls in the afternoons. Moreover he elaborates “with the increase in temperature, weather in the morning is good while am forced to walk in the malls in the afternoon.”
 The speaker considers maintaining good health, fitness and agility of  his body as the major motivation for his walking preference .  He has also lost 14 Kg during this period  and believes walking has helped him with this. Concluding   Hocine said the following “though am reaching my sixth decade, I am thankful to God for protecting me from any common decade diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and others”   A slogan which he believes in “Prevention is better than cure”
Dr. Hocine  encourages others to make walking part of their daily routine and with this to experience the benefits  associated with being physically active.




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