Motivation for inactive persons to achieve healthier lifestyle

Daniela Salih Khidir/ Physical Educator & Trainer
22 April, 2018

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I don’t have time, I’m too tired and I don’t care about doing more than my regular responsibilities! Well let me tell you something, if you are reading this article, you do care and you do want to have a healthier lifestyle. Let’s find a way to motivate you to make better choices.


In order to achieve the above motivational situation, it’s important to ask yourself the following questions: Am I overweight or obese? Do I have any health issues? Do I want to feel more energy flowing through my body? Do I want to spend more quality time with my kids, playing with them? If your answer is yes to at least one of the above questions, then that alone is enough to take action. Now we need to work on the motivation. Let’s look at a few common barriers that you might face while trying to become healthier.


Your busy schedule will always be an excuse for not allowing some time for regular physical activity. This is the moment when you will need to pay attention in managing your time more effectively during your daily tasks at work or while studying. This will allow you to have that extra hour dedicated to your personal physical activity achievements, which will help you perform better at your workplace. In addition to this and while at work or school, don’t forget to have your breakfast and lunch regularly and a light dinner, as this is the “fuel” that will keep you going and will give you the needed energy during a day.


Being continuously tired is also very challenging. Well, you are right! Every sedentary or inactive person will find it difficult to start this physical activity program. Even if in the beginning it will be difficult for you to stick to a physical activity routine schedule, try to find the power to “survive” for at least 2 weeks. Once you achieved this performance, guess what? This is the moment when you will realize that your body is asking for more physical activity, since gradually you achieved more energy for own body and more quality time with your kids, family or friends. You are now motivated to keep performing towards a healthier lifestyle. This new mood of yours will also encourage those around you to follow you and achieve a healthier lifestyle.


To support you in this journey is to be informed about what physical activity, healthy nutrition and healthy lifestyle. Many people are giving up on themselves due to the fact that they are not aware or educated in this regard. This is also not a problem as we are very lucky to be in a period where this type of information is rapidly growing and is at a “click” distance from us, especially when Qatar’s National Vision 2030 is strongly encouraging us to become a healthier nation. Let’s take these great advantages that the Community is offering and let’s use them. Many health events are taking place in Qatar lately: walking campaigns for community, leagues and tournaments, fitness/aerobic classes in many sport clubs. Just find where these activities are, take your family and group of friends, enjoy, and be happy and proud of yourself that you just achieved that healthy active lifestyle!




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