For my sake and my family

Lucia El Ghorayeb, / Senior Registered Nurse
23 September, 2018

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"For my sake and my family" is similar to many stories from everyday life. The writer was inspired by her work in nursing with patients complaining of similar pains.


She entered her room, locked the door behind her, then stood in front of the mirror and cried with tears. The pain in her knees increases day after day, but she did not want to tell her family about it, as they were busy preparing a surprise for her birthday, which could spoil the beauty of the occasion.

Here she hears the voices of everyone outside, cheering and dancing, but she is unable to join them, as she used to do in her youth when she was dancing cheerfully.


She stopped her tears and opened the door leisurely, and her daughter stepped on her to inspect her: "Mom, are you okay? What is these tears?

- No, my daughter, I'm fine ... Let 's get out of here and enjoy the celebration.

- You will not go out before you tell me the reason for your crying.

- Do not worry, my daughter. It's just pain. I’m 55 years old, and it is normal to feel some pain at my age.

She said in a light smile.

The girl took her mother's hand and hugged her towards her, saying, "You do not have to do this, Mom, this is your birthday, and you will have the best gift in the near future, God willing.

The next day, the girl came with a card wrapped in a silver band. She said to her mother, "This is my gift to you, my mother, please accept it”. You have always relieved my pains since I was young, now let me relieve some of yours too! "

The mother's eyes were dragged and she read her name on the card: she had been booked with the most famous doctors and in the finest hospitals, in the near future.


She began counting the days and hours until she found herself face to face with the doctor, trying to calm her down and explain to her that knee pain in her age is only a result of damage or dryness in the cartilage tissue, a normal development of the age of the knee, exactly like facial wrinkles and whiteness of hair, A certain system of exercise and diet to help reduce pain and delay the complications of development in a rapid negative manner, which may make the joint is motionless and severe pain. He then accompanied her a team that would accompany her for several months.

She was pleased with her visit to the doctor. She thanked her daughter for this valuable gift and promised that she would strive to adhere to the health program for her and her dear family.



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