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Shaikha Mahmoud Abdulla, Bedour AlMous/ Dietitian & Exercise scientist
18 October, 2018

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Although fast food looks tempting to most people, especially children, it is always referred to as “junk food” due to its high concentration in calories, fat, cholesterol,

sugar, and salt components. Parents are usually well aware of its harmful effects on health and wellbeing of their children; still, some tend to offer it to their children.


The availability and regular consumption of fast food can be addictive for children which would lead to health-related complications such as obesity, chronic illness, low

self-esteem, and depression, as well as other effects on performance in school and extracurricular activities. Based on scientific evidence, energy and concentration

are considered crucial for school-aged children, but are highly influenced by the unhealthy dietary intake. Fast food does not provide the necessary nutrients for an

adequate child development and production of energy, which leads to an increased sedentary behavior. It has been well-established that the lack of physical activity is

harmful to both physical and mental wellbeing of children.


It is important for children to realize that following a healthy diet does not mean the deprivation from delicious food!

Healthy food can be tasty as well!

Healthy choices are available everywhere!


In this era, we are more exposed to the world through technology and social media. We should make use of such tools to promote healthy food choices among our children and encourage a healthy living.



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