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Consultation : Whats the best exercise for a person with a chronic knee injury?
thank you

Reply : Knee-strengthening exercises are the best way to prevent injuries and to treat knee pain. Making you muscle stronger will reduce the pressure on your knee which helps your knee to absorb shocks and relieve the pain. Two main muscles should be involved in this exercise, quadriceps (front of the thigh) as and the hamstring (back of the thigh).

There are different kinds of exercise starting from the simplest which uses the body weight as resistance like the following front and back thigh exercise such as:

1- Sitting on a chair, your feet flat on the floor, and thigh is parallel to the floor. You can put variations in this knee exercise like pointing your toes, raising your feet above the ground and performing circular motion, or lifting your feet slowly making it parallel to the floor.

2- Lying down on your back and tucking the knees into your stomach. Just make sure that your knees are parallel to the floor and your toes are pointed.

3- Lying down on your stomach with your knees straight. Lift the foot of your leg by bending the knee so that you bring the foot up toward your back.

Always remember that you should start slowly, because establishing new muscle strength is a gradual process. You may Expect some discomfort when you do the exercise, but once you feel serious pain you have to stop and to consult your doctor or physiotherapist.

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