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Consultation : I am 32 years old,married, 2 kids, residing in qatar for past 6 years, since past 2 years i have constipation often, visited few hospital gastroenterologist, given medication which is of no permanent cure. I wish to now the cause and treatment for th

Reply : It’s understandable that much anxiety and distress may result from having this problem, it’s not only the concern of not knowing the cause, the discomfort of constipation itself can be annoying and cause much discomfort at work and daily life.

There are common causes that can lead to constipation:
• Inadequate water intake
• Low fiber diets
• Medications
• Lack of physical activity and exercise
• Neurological and metabolic disorders
• Gastroenterology problems
• Others

In our climate, one of the most common causes is the inadequate water intake as we lose a lot of water through sweating. Filtered tab water is better than bottled water for your case. Changes in eating and diet with physical activity and exercise are first line treatment.

If problem persist you may need to do full medical checkup to exclude the cause and you should consult your health care provider.

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