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Consultation : Dear namat team,
I am 36 and moderate active, in average I am 3 times a week in the gym and I finish my 10000 steps almost every day. Still I am struggling with a healthy nutrition and weight loss.
can you advise on that?

Reply :


Reduce weight without compromising on health should be through following a system of both physical activity and healthy food intake pattern. It must be a balanced system so that the person does not feel tired and stress.

Below few steps to help in term of nutrition in general:

- Start with changing bad eating habits, such as eating sweets, sugars and Fast Food

- Follow a healthy cooking method (replacing the frying with grilling or boiling)

- Replace the whole milk and dairy products with low fat one

- Eat more fresh vegetables

- Reduce the juices because they contain high calories and replace them with grains fruit

- Eating meat, chicken, fish, eggs without adding fat (grilled/boiled)

- keep an eye on the quantities of carbohydrate you eat: bread, rice, pasta and potatoes

- Water during the day helps you feel full. (Green tea from 3-4 cups )

As a person doing exercise few tips could help you:

  • Eating small frequent meals: 3 meals and 2 snakes

  • Focus on recovery after training (within 30 min after training): have low fat milk as recovery

  • You need to eat protein every 3 hours in your meals and snakes (such as low fat milk, low fat yoghurt or Laban, meat, chicken and other sources)

  • Drink water during exercise

  • Caffeine before training could enhance training and fat lose

Above are general instructions. You may need to see dietitian for specific meal plan depending on type of training as you are doing exercise and you may need certain amount of calories to reduce weight and avoid the feeling of fatigue with training related to low energy intake.


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